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Representing Columbus, Ohio, Nevaeh Black came out of the womb singing. At age four she was belting out notes that most adults aren’t able to hit, and by the time she was in middle school she was winning awards for her mind-blowing solo performances. By age thirteen Nevaeh was already convinced that she would pursue a singing career. 


No stranger to competing for the spotlight, Nevaeh is the youngest of ten children. She was raised by a religious mother and a free-spirited father, and spent a good part of her childhood engrossed in music in some way or another. She listened intently to the Jackson 5 records that blared out of the speakers in her home, and studied musicals like The Wiz, Sparkle and Dreamgirls. She also spent time watching her father produce music in his home studio. Nevaeh and her father write all of Nevaeh’s music.


With an old soul and a sound that extends far beyond her sixteen years, Neveah describes her music as fun and from the heart. Whether she’s singing about her goals and dreams, the love she has for her loyal friends, or addressing her haters, you are going to feel something when listening to the young songstress. And although she is barely old enough to drive legally, Nevaeh uses the experiences in her life - like losing a sibling, or the culture shock of switching high schools - to create a blend of R&B and HipHop Soul that doesn’t disappoint.


Neveah’s ultimate goal is to share her music with the world. She’s Influenced by artists like: Adele, Beyoncé,​ Alicia Keys and Jhene Aiko, and has performed at The King’s Art Complex in Ohio. Nevaeh released her first full-length highly anticipated project, Don’t Be Alarmed in June of 2020.


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