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Who is Nevaeh Black?

            Nevaeh Black is a rising star from Columbus Ohio. She was born in late 2003 to James and Deborah Black. She had a bustling and fulfilling childhood, one that could easily have filled a tv show should it have been caught on camera. She grew up hanging around her family and friends, and enjoyed school from a young age. Nevaeh lives in the moment, focusing on achieving her goals one success to the next. Her peers remember her aggressive attitude and unique name, which she channels into her music. Nevaeh started making R&B music at 13. She still resides in Columbus Ohio, where she’s been making big waves in the music scene. Her debut video “Drive it Like its Stolen” has racked up 360k views on YouTube, and her more recent projects “Day Ones” and “Spicy” have 170k and 90k, respectively. She has 30k followers on Instagram and fans have compared her music to the likes of Beyoncé, SZA, and Rihanna. As this budding artist flourishes before our eyes, she would like to see herself work with artists such as Beyoncé, Bryson Tiller, Jhene Aiko, and Tory Lanez. With beautiful music full of skill and soul, Nevaeh Black hits a spot of the heart few artists can hope to reach. 

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